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The decorated cave of Pont d’Arc, UNESCO world heritage !

Visit the Pont d'Arc Cavern, the replica of the Cave

A unique human story !
Discovered in the Ardèche Gorges on December 18th 1994, the decorated cave of Pont-d'Arc (or Grotte Chauvet) is one of the most significant discovery in the history of human society.
Some 36 centuries ago, our ancestors left behind them an extraordinarily vibrant array of wild animals, painted and engraved on the walls of these caves. Fourteen different species are represented by the 425 individual creatures – bears, woolly rhinoceros, mammoths, horses, and big cats, including the only known example in cave art of a panther.
The decorated cavern, nestled in an exceptional natural environment near the stone arch of Pont-d’Arc, is today accepted by UNESCO World Heritage status which already lists 962 unique sites across the globe.

the replica cave is open since April 2015 ; it's an ambitious artistic and scientific project that will enable visitors to experience the same kind of emotions as they would in the original cave.